Wyethia angustifolia

Wyethia angustifolia, a member of Aster family, is a versatile and tough tap-rooted perennial which grows in grasslands and meadows primarily below 6500 feet.  Known by the common name narrow leaved mules ears, Wyethia angustifolia grows from Washington south through Oregon and into Northern California.  The lanceolate leaves are arranged in a basal rosette and can reach up to 16 inches and length and 4 inches in width.  The showy bold, sunflower-like, inflorescence rises up to 2 1/2 feet from the base and consists of a large yellow disc encircled with 1 to 2 inch yellow rays.  Narrow leaved mules ears is an attractive drought tolerant flower for any native meadow planting, and can be used easily in almost any native garden.

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