Populus Tremuloides

quaking aspen


  • We grow aspen using a Northern Idaho seed source. We have found that trees from this source have a resistance to black spot, a fungal disease that plagues aspen trees. Growers who had given up growing aspen in the wet Willamette Valley, Oregon now have aspen they are proud to sell by using this seed source.
  • We grow more than 150,000 bareroot aspen seedlings each year.
  • Each aspen seedling is graded by stem caliper as well as height (see chart below for sizes).  This means our customers can expect uniform growth and performance.
  • All of our aspen are grown from seed, not dug from the wild or propagated from root pieces.  Our bareroot aspen are guaranteed to have full, well-branched, healthy roots.

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Deciduous Tree
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