Triteleia ixioides

Triteleia ixioides, or prettyface, is a member of the lily family and is one of about 15 species all native to western North America, and primarily California.  Also known as golden brodiaea, this is an incredibly versatile plant which grows from southwestern Oregon south through most of California all the way to the Mexico border.  Growing primarily in oak and pine forests from the coast inland up to 9,000 feet, prettyface is a rewarding and easy to care for bulb. It is quite drought tolerant but will tolerate some water in a garden situation.  This corm forming perennial has basal grass-like leaves, and produces a showy umbel-like cluster of pale-yellow flowers with contrasting mid-veins on a single flower stem up to 24 inches long.  The corms of this species are edible, rich in starch content, and when cooked, taste like potatoes.

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