Styrax redivivus

 At the end of the year, as many of you might be waiting for that first snow to appear, it might be even more enjoyable treating yourself to the plant form: enter the snowdrop bush.  Styrax redivivus is a nice specimen with delicate features and, if pruned correctly, a pleasant shape.  Adding much to the garden year round, the large white flowers appear in the early spring, followed by yellow fruit which persist into the summer.  In Autumn the leaves turn color before falling to the ground.

 With snow-white buds the shape of droplets, the common name, snowdrop bush, is spot-on.  The scientific name, Styrax redivivus, is not as easy to translate at first glance.  Styrax takes its roots from a Semitic word meaning resin producing plant.  The resin found in the bark of the genus Styrax has long been used in incense and perfumes.  Found within the resin’s chemical makeup is a hydrocarbon, styrene that is used in producing Styrofoam.   Redivivus has latin roots and means to restore or bring back to life.  This could be referring to it’s early spring flowers.

 Preferring partial shade, and its feet to be dry, it is uncommonly found in chaparral woodlands of California.  When stumbled upon it is a sight to be seen, especially in the spring.

We have a limited amount of large containers available, and more coming soon!  

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