Vancouveria hexandra

inside-out flower

Habit: an herbaceous perennial, occasionally growing from a woody base and slightly creeping by underground rhizomes. Duck foot-shaped, light green leaves are graceful being 1-2 times ternately (divided into threes) compound. Inflorescence is a terminal open panicle of 10-30 nodding flowers rising above the basal leaves. Individual flowers have petite white sepals and petals, both turned upwardly inside out revealing the anthers and pistil. Fruits are purplish, glandular, hairy follicles with several black seeds. Blooms between May and July.

Ecology: found in moist shaded woods, coniferous forests and old growth forests from Western Washington to Northern California from 300-5600 ft (100-1700 m)

Growing Conditions: full to partial shade in moist, humus rich soil.


Herbaceous Perennial
7-20 in (17-50 cm)
12-24 in (30-60 cm)
USDA Zones:

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