Allium amplectens

narrowleaf onion

Habit: narrowleaf onion grows from a pinkish-brown round bulb. Its few basal leaves are circular in cross-section, and wither during flowering. The terminal flowers are in flat-topped clusters of 10-50 flowers with white-pink, papery petals on an erect, green, leafless stem. Blooms from May to June.

Ecology: found in arid regions, that are wet in the late winter and spring, such as dry rocky slopes, and meadows up to elevations of 7000 ft (2100 m) from California north into British Columbia.

Growing Conditions: full sun, well-drained clay soil. Dry most of the year excluding the active season, when soil should be moist.


Herbaceous Perennial (Bulb)
6-12 in (15-30 cm)
USDA Zones:

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