Triteleia hyacinthina

hyacinth brodiaea

Habit: sprouts from a round fibrous corm, basal leaves are long and skinny, appearing in the early spring and withering as the plant shoots out its leafless flowering stalk. The inflorescence is an umbel (a cluster of short flower stalks) of 10-40 flowers all connected on long peduncles at one central point. Individual flowers are white to pale bluish white, with green mid-veins on the petals. Fruit is a small stalked capsule. Blooms from late spring to late summer.

Ecology: found in fields, grasslands, meadows, coniferous forests, and woodlands up to 6500 ft (2000m) from Vancouver Island in British Columbia south into the Sierra Nevada and throughout much of the northern half of California.


Growing Conditions: full sun, well drained soil with moist to wet winters, and dry summers.

Reproduces through multiplying corms, which can be divided after years of growth.


Herbaceous Perennial (corm)
12-24 in (30-60 cm)
3-6 in (7-15 cm)
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