Potentilla fruticosa

shrubby cinquefoil
  • Habit: multi-stemmed shrub that grows upright and mounded in it’s northern range it can be found to be sprawling and prostrate in other locations. Young stems arch gently and are reddish brown and covered in fine, silvery hairs. Older bark shreds in long strips. Dense leaves are dark yellow green, pinnately compound with 5-7 leaflets that are small, elliptical, and covered in small hairs. Terminal (appearing at the ends of branches) bright yellow, buttercup shaped flowers are flattened and showy. The fruit is a cluster of achenes covered with long conspicuous hairs. Blooms from June throughout summer.

    Ecology: shrubby cinquefoil is found growing in moist habitats such as bogs and wet meadows as well as dry areas, such as rocky bluffs, hillsides in montane and subalpine elevations, native to most of North America.

    Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade in dry to moist soil, cold and drought tolerant.



Deciduous Shrub
1-3 ft (30-90 cm)
1-3 ft (30-90 cm)
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Native Habitat

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