Carpenteria californica

tree anemone

Habit: this evergreen shrub has a non-symmetrical open shape with multiple branches.  Bark peels light brown to whitish-gray. Leaves are thick, oblong, lustrous, dark green. The underside is covered in small white hairs. In response to moisture stress, the leaves turn yellow and their edges roll under. Flowers are slightly fragrant, 2-3 in (5-8cm) wide with white rose like petals and vivid yellow centers. Flowers bloom between May and July.  Fruit is a cone shaped pod.

Ecology: Carpenteria californica is common to the Sierra Nevada foothills in California on dry rocky ridges between 1500-4000 ft (450-1200 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, prefers well–drained coarse soil and is drought tolerant once established. Overhead watering can cause fungal issues in the leaves, water from below.

Removing the older leaves and cutting it back after flowering will maintain the beautiful appearance of this plant. Deer resistant.  Tree anemone is a little finicky.



Evergreen Shrub
5-12 ft (1.5-3.5 m)
3-5 ft (1-1.5 m)
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