Erysimum capitatum

Douglas' wallflower

Habit: biennial member of the mustard family with thin, erect stems and leaves predominantly at the base. Leaves are typically hairy, long and narrow, margins of upper leaves usually smooth, some having inconspicuous widely spaced teeth. The terminal inflorescence has flowers clustered at the stem tips in a dense raceme (cluster of flowers having short floral stalks). Flowers have four egg shaped petals and are bright yellow to deep orange or red. The fruit is a slender and tubular upright seed capsule. Blooms May-July.

Ecology: widespread throughout the United States, usually on dry sandy, rocky locations in a wide range of elevations sea level to 13,123 ft (4000 m) although more common at lower elevations.

Growing Conditions: full sun to light shade, very well-drained rocky soil. Erysimum capitatum is drought tolerant, but will also take extra moisture with drainage.


Herbaceous Perennial
.75-39 in (2-100cm)
USDA Zones:
3b to 9b

Native Habitat

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