Ericameria nauseosa

rubber rabbitbrush

Habit: an upright, small to large mounded shrub with lower branches woody and upper branches herbaceous covered in small white hairs, making the light green stems appear grayish white.  The multi-stemmed habit is broom like and cut twigs exude milky latex.  Gray green foliage is long and narrow with a pleasant to noxious fragrance, depending on the person sniffing and the particular plant.  Flower heads are comprised of 4-6 small, yellow, tubular flowers, arranged terminally in round to flat topped inflorescences.  Fruit is single tufted achene (one seeded) attached to small feather like bristles, and dispersed via wind.  Blooms in late summer into fall, having a showy presentation.

Ecology: found in Western North America west of the Missouri River in a variety of locations and elevation, usually in dry open areas such as grasslands, and open woodlands.

Growing Conditions: full sun, in well-drained semi dry soil.

Rubber rabbitbrush attracts multitudes of butterflies when in bloom during late summer.



Deciduous Shrub
1-6 ft (0.5-2 m)
1-6 ft (0.5-2 m)
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Native Habitat

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