Dicentra formosa

Pacific bleeding heart

Habit: perennial growing from spreading rhizomes. The leaves are found at the base of the plant, and are divided three times with many lobes making it appear feathery and fern-like. Flowers nod in groups of 5-12 from the tips of long stems that rise above the mound of leaves. Flowers are pinkish purple, and heart shaped, blooming between April and July.

Ecology: found in shady, moist forests, along streambanks and coastal meadows. Native to the Pacific Coast, west of the Cascades below 6800 ft (2100 m).

Growing Conditions: full shade to part sun or dappled light and moist to wet well drained soil with good organic content.

Spreads moderately fast.


Herbaceous Perennial
8-18 in (20-50 cm)
18-24 in (20-60 cm)
USDA Zones:

Native Habitat

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