Chrysolepis sempervirens

bush chinquapin

Habit: evergreen shrub, growing erect although slightly low spreading with a round top.  The grayish brown bark is thin and smooth. Leaves are oblong and thick, gray-green on top and rusty-gold underneath.  Insignificant flowers bloom from early summer through fall and can be ill-smelling. Fruit is composed of three sweet, edible nuts enclosed in a densely spiny pod.

Ecology: Bush chinquapin grows on steep, often south-facing dry, rocky slopes, open woods and within the coniferous forest zone, usually occurring at higher elevations 1500-10,000 ft (500-3300 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade prefers coarse to medium textured soil.

The seeds of bush chinquapin are a staple diet item of various birds and rodents.



Evergreen Shrub
2-7 ft (0.5-2m)
2-7 ft (0.5-2m)
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