Calycanthus occidentalis

western spicebush

Habit: rounded deciduous shrub with erect, multiple dark brown stems and leathery dark green leaves that have a spicy aromatic fragrance. Flowers are solitary and large reaching 2-3 in (5-8 cm), with multiple dark red to purplish petals. Blooms from late spring into early fall with individual flowers only lasting for a few days. Fruit are woody and present throughout the winter. Leaves turn a clear yellow before dropping in fall. Fast growing once it is established, can form thickets.

Ecology: found near streams, lakes in woodland forests, and moist canyons from 600-5000 ft (200-1600 m).

Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade, and moist soil. Spicebush tolerates sand, clay, no drainage and seasonal flooding.



Deciduous Shrub
5-15 ft (1.5-4.5 m)
3-100 ft (1-30 m)
USDA Zones:

Native Habitat

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