Ceanothus thyrsiflorus

blue blossom

Habit: fast growing evergreen shrub that usually grows erect with many spreading branches but is occasionally found growing prostrate (low to the ground) in certain coastal areas. Young branches are bright green and angled turning smooth and reddish brown with age. Bark is thin, smooth and reddish-brown becoming rough with age. Leaves are a lustrous dark green above and pale below. The fragrant blue flowers with yellow stamens form a terminal dense cluster on branched, elongated panicles from 3-8 in (7-20 cm) long. The tiny black fruit is round and formed in grape like clusters that split open in mid to late summer releasing smooth black seeds. Blooms March to June.

Ecology: found in western Oregon and coastal California at low elevations in coastal redwood forest, chaparral and wooded slopes & canyons.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, in well drained fairly dry soil. Drought tolerant, does not appreciate summer irrigation.

Can be grown to form a beautiful hedge or screen. Seeds are eaten by small mammals and birds, provides cover for birds and bees love the flowers.



Evergreen Shrub
3-8 ft (1-2.5 m)
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