Cynoglossum grande

Pacific hound’s tongue, sometimes referred to as giant hound’s tongue, is a lovely perennial with large arrow-tip shaped leaves. The foliage ris from the large taproot, forming a low growing mound.  The flowering stalk protrudes far above the tops of the leaves, and the petite flowers congregate in small panicles.  With a unique flower color, resembling that of forget-me-nots, giant hound’s tongue’s vivid blue corolla fades into a lovely lavender.

 Cynoglossum grande is one of the first to bloom in summer, making it an early season hummingbird favorite.  The distinct white ring of appendages surrounding the mouth of the corolla could have evolved to make the flowers appear more inviting to pollinators.

Pacific hound’s tongue displays an overt dispersal tactic. The fruit which can be up to a foursome of nutlets, have evolved hooklike appendages on the seed coat.  These tiny hooks grab a hold of anything nearby, especially the fur of an animal, or the trousers of an explorer.  This may be why we see it on the valley floor as well as at 9000 ft. in the Sierras.

 We only have a few Cynoglossum grande in containers at the moment.  As it is one of our new favorites, there will be more to come soon!

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