Vaccinium ovatum

evergreen huckleberry

Habit: a stout, rounded shrub, with young stems slightly hairy. Glossy green, leathery evergreen leaves are ovate with pointed tips and finely serrated margins. Leaves are splotched with reddish purple when in full sun. Flowers are in clusters of 3-10 emerging from leaf axils, urn shaped corolla is whitish-pink to pink. In early fall, clusters of berries ripen from purple to black and have a waxy covering making them appear blue. The edible berries are slightly musky in flavor. Blooms in April to July.

Ecology: found on beaches in coastal areas to the west slope of the Cascades in forest edges and clearings, thickets and coniferous forests at elevations up to 2600 ft (800 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun to full shade, preferring partial shade, in moist to slightly dry, well-drained soil. Needs acidic soil, and tolerates the salty spray of coastal conditions.

Because of the food value to wildlife and dense shrubby growth, evergreen huckleberry is worthy of inclusion in hedgerows. Bees and hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers.

Always seek advice from a professional before consuming or using a plant medicinally.



Evergreen Shrub
2-6 ft (0.5-2m)
2-6 ft (0.5-2m)
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