Symphoricarpos mollis

creeping snowberry

Habit: this sprawling plant has hairy vine like stems growing to only 2 ft (0.6 m) tall and slowly spreading up to 5 ft (1.5m) either through under ground rhizomes or by the above ground branches that arch back to the ground and root at the nodes. It has bluish-green, round to oval leaves, with small irregular lobes. Flowers are bright to dull pink and bell shaped; fruit is more apparent than flowers, forming in tight clusters, the waxy white berries persist into winter.  Blooms between May and July.

Ecology: found growing at elevations up to 8000 ft (2400 m) throughout much of California and into parts of Nevada in moist woodlands, and shady chaparral.

Growing Conditions: full sun to full shade, in moist to dry well drained soil, drought tolerant once established.

Creeping snowberry provides food and shelter to many different bird species. Grows great in the shade under large trees.



Deciduous Shrub
0.5-2 ft (15-60 cm)
1-5 ft (30-150 cm)
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Native Habitat

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