Smilacina racemosa

false Solomon’s seal

Habit: an erect, unbranched, stout, leafy-stemmed rhizomatous perennial. The large dull green leaves are broadly elliptical with an apiculate (sharply pointed) tip and parallel veins. Two rows of alternating leaves clasp stem. Inflorescence is a pyramidal shaped panicle of many tiny, star shaped flowers (up to 250) at the tip of the stem. These fragrant white to cream colored flowers bloom from late spring to early summer and ripen into goldish green berries with red spots that turn bright red in early autumn.

Ecology: found in the Western United States along streams in deciduous forests, clearings, meadows and shady roadsides at low to mid elevations up to 2300 ft (700 m).

Growing Conditions: full to partial shade in deep, moist well-drained soil with good organic matter. Will not tolerate hot and sunny locations.

False Solomon’s seal make excellent plants for a woodland garden or shady border. Used medicinally by several different Native American tribes in the past.


Herbaceous Perennial
1-3 ft (0.3-1 m)
6-12 in (15-30 cm)
USDA Zones:

Native Habitat

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