Rhus glabra

smooth-leaf sumac

Habit: multi stemmed deciduous shrub with a spreading open crown, forming thickets from root suckers. Gray brown mature bark is smooth and twigs are sometimes covered with light brown hairs. The large leaves are pinnately compound comprised of 7-29 elongated leaflets with sharply toothed margins and pointed tips. Uppersides are dark green, undersides pale covered with a whitish waxy coating. A branched, terminal inflorescence is a cone shaped, upright dense cluster of small greenish to yellow flowers that mature from the bottom up. Fruit is small red berries covered in fine, sticky hairs occurring in upright pyramidal clusters that persist long after the leaves turn brilliant red and fall. Blooms from June to July.

Ecology: found in disturbed areas, open woodlands, near roadsides, meadows, and dry rocky hillsides throughout the United States.

Growing Conditions: partial to full sun, moist to semi dry soil, drought tolerant.

Rhus glabra is a vigorous grower and should only be planted where it is desired to spread. It provides food and cover for many mammals and birds.



Deciduous Shrub
6-18 ft (2-6 m)
10-20 ft (3.5-7 m)
USDA Zones:

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