Prunus subcordata

Klamath plum

Habit: small tree or upright shrub that can be thicket forming with grayish brown bark, and reddish brown twigs. Spur shoots on older twigs resemble thorns. Dark green leaves are oblong to round with finely toothed margins. The inflorescence is a loose round cluster made up of 1-7 flowers, individual flowers have 5 white petals and several long whisker like stamen. Fruit is an oblong, yellow to dark red, single seeded edible plum. Klamath plum blooms in early spring. Leaves turn red in autumn.

Ecology: found in mixed evergreen forest, near the coast from 300-6200 ft (100-1900 m) from Washington to California.

Growing Conditions: full to partial sun in well-drained soil. Medium drought tolerance.

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Deciduous Shrub/Tree
10-26 ft (3-8 m)
5-10 (1.5-3 m)
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