Potentilla gracilis

slender cinquefoil

Habit: multi stemmed, upright, herbaceous perennial arising from a woody crown. The dark gray green palmately compound leaves are made up of 5-9 slender leaflets with sharply toothed margins. The undersides of the leaflets are covered in small soft hairs making them a white to silver color. Flowers are pale to bright yellow, and terminal in open clusters. The five petals are heart shaped and together form a flat almost round flower. Blooms early summer into July. Leaves turn yellow in autumn.

Ecology: found in meadows, open woods, mixed evergreen forest and often in wetlands occurring at elevations between 393-11,482 ft (120-3500 m) across much of North America.

Growing Conditions: full sun in rocky, moist to dry soil.  Intolerant of shade, having medium drought tolerance.

Potentilla gracilis works in containers, and likes year round dampness.


Herbaceous Perennial
1-2.5 ft (30-80 cm)
0.5-2 ft (15-60 cm)
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