Pinus jeffreyi

Jeffrey pine

Habit: a symmetrical usually straight tree growing to heights of 150 ft (50 m) with a crown that is rounded to conical. The dark reddish brown bark is thick and deeply furrowed, on a warm day it gives off a fruity fragrance of bananas or pineapple. The long needle like leaves are in fascicles of three occasionally two, 6-9 in (15-22 cm) long, with a bluish hue. The red-brown seed cones are smooth with the spiny tips of the scale pointing inward.

Ecology: found from Southwestern Oregon south into California and into Western Nevada. Jeffrey pine is found in a variety of sites from moist high elevation meadows, mixed conifer and montane forests to arid slopes bordering deserts and over a wide range of elevations, 1400-10,100 ft (450-3100 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun, in well-drained shallow, nutrient poor rocky soils, cold hardy and drought tolerant. Generally growing better at higher elevations.

Provides wildlife cover for birds, small mammals and big game. Its seeds are eaten by insects, birds, and small mammals such as mice, chipmunks, and tree squirrels.



Evergreen Coniferous Tree
60-120 ft (12-36 m)
6-25 ft (2-8 m)
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