Mimulus lewisii

Lewis’ monkeyflower

Habit: this clump forming erect perennial is covered in soft and sometimes sticky hairs. The elongated light green leaves clasp the stem and can have smooth to irregularly toothed margins. The tubular flowers are a beautiful fuchsia to light pinkish purple color with a yellow throat and 5 lobes surrounding the mouth.  Mimulus lewisii blooms from early to late summer, June to September.

Ecology: found in Western North America on both sides of the cascades in riparian zones, and moist meadows at elevations between 4,000-10,000 ft (1200-3100 m) growing more vigorously at higher elevations.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade in wet to moist soil. Tolerates seasonal flooding.

It is named in honor of Meriwether Lewis.


Herbaceous Perennial
1-3 ft (30-90 cm)
1-3 ft (30-90 cm)
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