Mimulus cardinalis

cardinal monkeyflower

Habit: low growing perennial with light yellow green stems spreading from rhizomes and self-seeding. The light green downy leaves are oblong with toothed margins, the upper most leaves clasp together. The tubular flowers are an eye catching reddish orange with 4 lobes around the mouth and stigma and stamen protruding.  Cardinal monkeyflower blooms in the spring persisting into September.

Ecology: Mimulus cardinalis’ range swoops through the west from Washington to New Mexico, preferring to grow in wet areas such as water’s edge and moist rock faces, under elevations of 7800 ft (2400 m).

Growing Conditions: sun to full shade and moist soil. Cardinal monkeyflower is cold hardy and can tolerate seasonal flooding.

Attracts hummingbirds to the garden


Herbaceous Perennial
1.5-2.5 ft (45-70 cm)
1-3 ft (30-100 cm)
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