Maianthemum dilatatum

false lily of the valley

Habit: small herbaceous rhizomatous groundcover producing upright stems bearing 1-3 broadly heart shaped, shiny green leaves with deeply indented vein lines, plants that are non flowering produce only 1 leaf. The inflorescence (flower cluster) is a spike comprised of many small, star shaped, white to cream colored flowers having a delicate fragrance. Fruit are small speckled berries maturing to solid red when ripe and persisting into fall. Blooms late spring to early summer.

Ecology: found in moist shady woods along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Central California from low to middle elevations, up to 2600 ft (800 m).

Growing Conditions: partial to full shade in nutrient rich, moist to wet soil.

Care should be taken because of Maianthemum dilatatum’s nature to spread aggressively underground becoming slightly invasive, plant where this is desired.


Herbaceous Perennial
4-15 in (10-40 cm)
4-15 in (10-40 cm)
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