Lupinus grayi

Sierra lupine

Habit: low growing lupine that forms spreading mats. Leaves are palmately compound with 7-9 hairy leaflets. Comparatively to the rest of the plant, Sierra lupine’s flowers are large and presented in squat racemes 4-6 in (10-16cm) long with dense whorls of deep purple pea flowers, having a yellow to red spot on the banner petal. Fruit is a hairy pod with flattened seeds, having a dark line across the mottled front.

Ecology: found in dry forest openings and rocky roadsides from 1600-8000 ft (500-2500 m) in the Sierra Nevada.

Growing Conditions: full sun, in sandy to coarse dry soil.


Herbaceous Perennial
6-14 in (15-35 cm)
6-14 in (15-35 cm)
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