Lonicera conjugialis

double-flowered honeysuckle

Habit: this small erect shrub has stems and leaves that are covered in small hairs.  The leaves are oblong to round with tips sharply pointed.  Flowers are borne in pairs from leaf axils.  The small, cup shaped flower is dark purple to maroon with an upper and lower lip, and a throat that is covered in small soft white hairs.  Stamens and stigma protrude beyond the opening. Double-flowered honeysuckle produces two fruits that are bright red to orange, semi translucent and joined in the middle. Blooms between June and July.

Ecology: found near water in moist coniferous forests, as well as in more rocky open spaces at high elevations from 4600-10,800 ft (1400-3300 m).


Growing Conditions: partial to full shade in moist soil.



Deciduous Shrub
2-6 ft (0.6- 1.8 m)
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