Lonicera ciliosa

orange honeysuckle

Habit: deciduous woody, climbing vine reaching heights of 20 ft (6 m).  The leaves are widely oval with a small pointed tip; the margins are covered in small hairs.  The uppermost pair of leaves is completely fused around the stem and inflorescence.  The flowers bloom in clusters at branch tips and are composed of around 20 orange tubular flowers arranged whorls.  The fruit is a cluster of small red-orange berries.   Orange honeysuckle blooms between May and July.

Ecology: found in the Western States east to Montana and south to Arizona at elevations between 2300-5500 ft (700-1700 m) growing on north slopes, thickets, and creek and river banks.

Growing Conditions: partial shade, moist or dry soil.

Great for a bird garden and a butterfly garden attracting hummingbirds and other wildlife.  Unless given something to grow up it will crawl along the ground.



Deciduous Woody Vine
9-20 ft (3-6 m)
1.6-3 ft (0.5-1 m)
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