Lomatium nudicaule

barestem lomatium

Habit: grows erect from a thick, deep taproot with compound basal leaves broken into groups of three.  Leaflets are round to oval shaped, appearing bluish green because of the waxy covering.  Lacking a stem, a stout peduncle (flower stem), swollen at the top, emerges from ground level and produces a terminal inflorescence that is a loose and open, compound umbel.  The outside petioles are very long and uneven while the inside petioles are shorter and clustered. All have tiny cream yellow to white spicy smelling flowers forming half domes to round clusters terminating on the slender stems.  Bloom from April to July.

Ecology: found in dry woodlands, mountain meadows, and open rocky hillsides at elevations of 600-6500 ft (180-2000 m) west of the Rocky Mountains.

Growing Conditions: full sun in dry to moist soil. Barestem lomatium is drought tolerant once established.

Lomatium nudicaule has several ethnobotanical uses.


Herbaceous Perennial
10-30 in (25-75 cm)
10-30 in (25-75 cm)
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