Lilium parvum

Sierra tiger lily

Habit: a mostly unbranched stem sprouts from a scaly bulb growing in a cluster of six or seven. Pointed leaves scatter themselves in sparse whorls up the 2-6 ft tall stem. Dozens of upward facing, bell shaped flowers have tangerine orange tepals that slightly curve back revealing a light orange or yellow throat spotted purple or brown. Flowers are smaller with orange stamens that do not protrude beyond the tepals. Fruit is a capsule less than 1 in (2.5 cm) long. Flowers bloom June-August.

Ecology: Sierra tiger lily is found in moist areas such as bogs, streamside and amongst willows from 4000-9000 ft (1200 -2700m) in the Sierra Nevada.

Growing Conditions: partial shade in moist to wet soil.  The plant readily hybridizes with other Lilium species growing close by.


Herbaceous Perennial (Bulb)
2-6 ft (0.6-2 m)
1-2 ft (0.3-0.6 m)
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