Juncus ensifolius

dagger-leaf rush

Habit: this rhizomatous rush grows in large upright clumps. The green dagger shaped leaves fold over along the mid-vein towards the stem, similar to iris leaves.  Inflorescence, flower clusters, consisting of up to 10 flower heads form at the stem tips, and are round in shape and comprised of many individual dark brownish purple flowers. Dagger-leaf rush blooms between June and August and the fruits are small oblong capsules.

Ecology: commonly found growing in marshes, wetlands, stream banks and wet meadows at low to fairly high elevations. Not commonly found in standing water.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, moist to wet soil (do not plant in standing water).

It can reproduce moderately fast via rhizomes and seed dispersal.


Perennial Rush
8-24 in (20-60 cm)
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