Iris tenax

Oregon iris

Habit: deciduous low-growing iris with thin grass like leaves that are pinkish red at the base and light green above. It grows in compact clumps spreading through underground rhizomes. Flowers are showy and range in colors from pale purple to white and creamy yellow. Flower stalks are usually shorter than the leaves, blooming between April and June.

Ecology: found west of the Cascades in Oregon as well as a small range in Washington and Northern California. Grows in open forests and grassy meadows at low to mid elevations between 300-1600 ft (100-500 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, very adaptable, tolerating moist to dry soil.

Iris tenax is also called tough-leaf iris, getting this name from its specific epithet, tenax, meaning tenacious.


Herbaceous Perennial
4-18 in (10-45 cm)
12-24 in (30-60 cm)
USDA Zones:

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