Geum triflorum

prairie smoke

Habit: low growing, clump forming perennial spreads slowly from its root system.  The basal, greenish blue pinnately (deeply serrated) divided hairy leaves appear feathery especially when young.  Erect stems are hairy and reddish brown in color.  Three bud like flowers nod towards the ground on long pedicels, have red sepals and white to pink petals.  The stems turn upright as the feathery, smokey pink fruit appear.  Fruits are achenes with long persistent plumose styles, resembling the pink hair of troll dolls.  Leaves turn red, burgundy and orange in the fall and may last into the winter.  Flowers bloom in April and fruit appears mid summer.

Ecology: found growing in moist meadows and pine forests at elevations of 4200-10,500 ft (1300-3200 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun to full shade, in moist to dry well-drained soil.  Prefers fine and light soil.

Geum triflorum has become a rare wildflower over much of its range, out-competed by naturalized invaders.  In some states this plant may be considered a protected species, listed as threatened in Michigan.


Herbaceous Perennial
12-18 in (15-45 cm)
12-18 in (15-45 cm)
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