Geranium oreganum

western geranium

Habit: rapidly growing herbaceous perennial arising from a woody base, unbranched stem is hairy to glandular. Green leaves are 2-6 in (6-15 cm) wide with 5-7 deeply cut lobed segments.  Single to few flowered terminal clusters, the five purple-pink petals form a flat surface. fruit is a beaked capsule resembling that of a crane’s bill.  Blooms between May and July.

Ecology: found in moist meadows, shaded forests and woodlands from 2300-5900 ft (700-1800 m), mainly in Oregon, although found in a few places in Washington, California and Montana.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, in moist to dry well-drained soil.

Geranium is Greek for ‘crane’ and the origin of one of Geranium oreganum’s common names, Oregon cranesbill.


Herbaceous Perennial
18-30 in (45-75 cm)
6-18 in (15-45 cm)
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