Fragaria chiloensis

coast, beach strawberry

Habit: horizontal evergreen perennial spreads rapidly by red to green hairy runners that eventually form roots and a new plantlet. Leaves are comprised of three glossy dark green leathery leaflets, with toothed margins, and hairy below. Flowers and berries are the larger of the other two native strawberries. Petals are white and stamens yellow. In fall the leaves turn red and persist through winter.

Ecology: found on coastal bluffs, dunes, beaches near the Pacific coast, and grasslands as well as island shores from Alaska to California, and Hawaii. Usually found below 650 ft (200 m) elevation.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade coarse to medium textured well drained soil, cold hardy, tolerating coastal conditions very well.

Edible fruit, small tasty strawberry. Excellent as a groundcover but can be aggressive.


Evergreen Perennial
up to 10 in (25 cm)
4-40 in (10-100 cm)
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