Eriogonum compositum

northern, arrowleaf buckwheat

Habit: small shrubby perennial with a branching crown that stays low to the ground, mat forming.  The dark green arrow shaped leaves, are formed at the base of the plant with thin hairs on the upper surface and white with dense hairs beneath.  Flower stems reach up to 2 ft (0.6 m) tall with a large, flat topped, tight cluster of small white to yellow flowers.  From a distance they appear fluffy and light to the touch.  Flowers bloom from May- July.

Ecology: found primarily east of the Cascades on dry rocky ridges at elevations lower than 8200 ft (2500 m).

Growing Conditions: full sun in well drained rocky to sandy soil, drought tolerant.

Eriogonum compositum is a very important butterfly plant.  The flowers, leaves and seeds are all used by smaller animals.


Deciduous Subshrub
0.5-2 ft (15-60 cm)
0.5-2 ft (15-60 cm)
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