Erigeron glaucus

seaside fleabane daisy

Habit: showy herbaceous perennial varying in height form 6 inches to 2 feet tall and spreading by rhizomes. Erigeron glaucus typically forms large displays of leafy stems topped with numerous flower heads. Its leaves are elliptic-shaped and succulent, and grow up to 6 inches long and 2 inches wide at the base of the plant, becoming smaller towards the top of the stems. Leaf margins are entire below and serrated along the upper half. In late spring, numerous flower heads bloom above the foliage. Each blossom is composed of a compact disk of yellow florets and about 100 usually lavender ray florets which radiate from the center. These ray florets can be pinkish or white as well.

Ecology: Erigeron glaucus is commonly found in bluffs and sandy dunes in coastal scrub, below 500 feet of elevation. It is native to the Pacific Coast, from northern Oregon to southern California.

Growing conditions: full sun to light shade and well-drained, moist to rather dry soils. It tolerates salt sprays and sandy soils. In rich, fertile medium it will spread vigorously and maintain a healthy evergreen appearance. Seaside fleabane daisy is beautiful, easy to grow and very reliable, making it a very popular species among florists and homeowners. Many cultivars sporting different flower colors and sizes have been selected from it.


Herbaceous Perennial
1-2 feet (30-61 cm)
1-2 feet (30-61 cm)
USDA Zones:
8a to 9b

Native Habitat

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