Disporum hookeri

Hooker’s fairy bells

Habit: Upright rhizomatous perennial producing sparsely branched arching stems. Deep green leathery oval leaves have conspicuous veins and elongate into a sharp tip sometimes described as a drip tip. Stems and leaves are covered in small hairs. Delicate whitish-green bell shaped flowers droop in clusters of 1-3 at the tips of the stems. Blooms May-June, fruit, ripens to a bright red-orange in the fall.

Ecology: found mostly in the Pacific Northwest in a variety of habitats from moist coniferous or mixed forests as an understory plant, to wooded ravines and riverbanks in the foothills of the Olympics and Cascades at low to mid elevations, to 5000 ft (1524m).

Growing Conditions: full to partial shade, prefers moist soil with good organic content.


Herbaceous Perennial
1-3 ft (0.3-0.8 m)
USDA Zones:

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