Cupressus bakeri

modoc, Matthew’s cypress

Habit: slow growing cypress with a broad column shaped crown and a slight pyramidal top. The bark is smooth, red-brown and sometimes peeling in thin curls. Branches are open and spreading with pleasantly aromatic foliage growing in sparse usually pendulous sprays. Bluish green leaves are flat, scale like and produced on rounded shoots having noticeable glands with white resin.  The green to brown female cones are round, waxy and covered in knobby scales with a short spine while the small yellow male cones occur in clusters of 15-30.

Ecology: occurring in Southwestern Oregon and Northern California usually in mixed evergreen forests from 3700-7000 ft (1100-2100m) on north facing slopes in volcanic or serpentine soils.

Growing Conditions: full sun, does not tolerate shade, well-drained rocky coarse soil.



Evergreen Coniferous Tree
30-60 ft (9-18 m)
10-20 ft (3-6 m)
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