Cornus sericea ssp. sericea ‘Baileyi’

Bailey's red twig

Habit: grows in an upright rounded form, staying denser and more erect than Cornus sericea ssp. sericea. Stems are red to dull red throughout the winter turning to green when the leaves emerge. Leaves are oval with deeply indented veination and turn red-purple in the fall.  Flowers appear in early summer in flat showy clusters with individual flowers creamy white and tiny.  Berry-like fruit ripens into white to pale blue.

Ecology: Cornus sericea ssp. sericea ‘Baileyi’ is a cultivated variety of C. sericea ssp. sericea.

Growing Conditions: full sun to partial shade, in moist soil with medium to poor drainage.  Tolerates seasonal flooding.

Bailey’s red twig is deer resistant.



Deciduous Shrub
6-10 ft (2-3 m)
6-10 ft (2-3 m)
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