Abies procera

noble fir

Habit: symmetrical conifer with a cylindrical to conical crown and branches that tend to be stiff, giving it a tiered look. The needle like leaves are thick, and glaucous bluish green to silvery above. Pollen cones red, seed cones ripen to a purple brown and disintegrate to release the winged seeds in fall. Noble fir is the tallest of the Abies genus.

Ecology: native to the Cascade Range and Coast Range mountains from Washington south to Northwest California. It occurs in middle to upper elevation coniferous forests, 3500-5500 ft. (1070-1680 m), only rarely reaching tree line. Noble fir inhabits rugged, mountainous regions, in moist forests and deep soils.

Growing Conditions: full sun or part shade and deep moist acidic soil, and well drained. Noble fir lies entirely within a moist, maritime climatic region with high precipitation and relatively cool temperatures and can do well in rocky soils if there is enough moisture.

Noble fir attains the largest dimensions of any of the true fir species.



Evergreen Coniferous Tree
130-230 ft (40-70m)
30 ft (10m)
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